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Libraries Introduce Digital Campus Streaming Video Service

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The University at Buffalo Libraries have partnered with Swank Digital Campus to offer teaching faculty a copyright-safe, digital streaming resource of more than 19,000 major Hollywood movies and independent films including foreign, art house and documentary features.

These movies can now be embedded directly into the Blackboard course management system and will allow students the flexibility of semester-long, 24/7 access to course-assigned films beyond the traditional classroom setting. Digital Campus can ease or eliminate the current constraints of course reserve in which physical copies of DVDs must be shared between students.

The Digital Campus portal also includes an interactive platform feature that allows the creation of custom lesson plans based on course-specific films:

  • Embed questions, notes and discussion points directly into the streaming video platform
  • Highlight specific scenes using the time-stamp tool
  • Attach supporting documents
  • Encourage on screen, exportable note taking
  • Promote online collaboration and discussion

For further information and help with any aspect of Digital Campus, please contact:
Michael Kankiewicz 645-1329
Christopher Cheung 829-5745
Lori Widzinski 829-5744

Note: Although most titles are available for digital streaming within 7 days of a request, teaching faculty are encouraged to order film titles for the start of the Fall 2013 semester by August 19th to ensure their availability.

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