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48 Good Films Program Coming this Fall – Sneak Peek

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In addition to the ongoing 48 Good Books project, the University Libraries and the Undergraduate Academies are debuting a sister program – 48 Good Films.  Why 48?  For the incoming Freshmen class, it equates to one film or book a month for the four years of their college careers.  We are resurrecting a program that was popular in the early years of the University; and was discovered a few years ago in the University Archives.

Faculty submitted film titles that are important to them and embody the mission and spirit of the five Undergraduate Academies: Civic Engagement, Entrepreneurship, Global Perspectives, Research Exploration and Sustainability. The response was overwhelming, and faculty were asked to vote for their top 48 films.

Why not consider including a 48 Good Films title in your summer or fall class programming?  Films for classes may be booked online for classroom use and placed on course reserve for student viewing.  Many feature films are available for course reserve in streaming format. Please contact the Libraries’ Multimedia Collections and Services staff for assistance.

Enjoy this list of “unrequired viewing” that have inspired inquiry, pleasure, and a renewed engagement with civic life.

48 Good Films

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