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2015 UB Student Writing Awards

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Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 UB Student Writing Awards! A reception honoring undergraduate and graduate student award winners took place April 15, 2015 in Special Collections, 420 Capen Hall, North Campus.


The Friends of the University Libraries Undergraduate Poetry Prize

Alex Hunt

The Academy of American Poets Prize

Max Crinnin
Honorable Mention: Alison Fraser

The Dan Liberthson Poetry Prize Graduate Student Prize

Kristina Marie Darling

Undergraduate Prize for Library-Supported Research

Jack Ding

The Arthur Axlerod Memorial Award

Edward Spangenthal and Sarah Grimaldi
Honorable Mentions: Cathryn Piersa, Corey Klino, Alex Hunt, Angelina Bruno, Cassandra Norris

The Scribblers Prize

Amanda Kelley
Honorable Mention: Cathryn Piersa

The Albert Cook, Mac Hammond and John Logan Prize

Emily Anderson, Satya S. Gundu, Amanda McLaughlin
Honorable Mentions: Conor Patrick Clarke, Kristina Marie Darling, Alex Hunt

The English Department Essay Contest

Alex Hunt
Honorable Mention: Edward Spangenthal

The Joyce Carol Oates Fiction Prize

Emily Anderson
Honorable Mentions: Veronica Wendy and Monica Lippens

The English Department Prize in Creative Non-Fiction

Rebecca Tong
Honorable Mention: Angelina Bruno

The George Knight Houpt Prize

Alex Hunt

Composition Program’s Student Prizes

Courtney Santasero
Honorable Mentions: Joon Seo Youk and Miranda Scamacca

Composition Program’s Syllabus Prizes

Shosuke Kinugawa
Honorable Mention: Nicholas Frangipane


Judges: Marie Elia, Carrie Bramen, Andrew Stott, Micahel Basinski, David Schmid, Steve McCaffery, Judith Goldman, Christina Milletti, Nicholas Frangipane, Dustin Parrot, Fremio Sepulveda, Kate Caccavaio, Cheryl Emerson, Cindi Tysick, Joshua Flaccavento, Dimitri Anastasopoulos, Edric Mesmer, Karen Mac Cormack, and Jang Wook Huh

Thank you to Randy Schiff, Nicole Lazaro, Doug Basford, Denise Wolfe, Marie Elia, Cindi Tysick, and Linda Gould for all their help with the writing awards. A special thanks to H. Austin Booth, Vice Provost for University Libraries, for her continuing support of the University Libraries Poetry Prizes. Reception sponsored by the University Libraries.

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