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Card Playing is Not Allowed in the Main Floor Lounge

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UB did not have residence halls until 1953; before then, students lived in private homes near campus.  Schoellkopf Hall was the first dorm, followed by Cooke, Michael, and Goodyear.  In the 1950s, men and women lived in separate halls and abided by strict rules, some of which (along with helpful hints for dorm living) are listed below:

  1. Dungarees and shorts are allowed in the main lounge and in Norton on Saturday, but not on Sunday.
  2. Musical instruments in rooms may be played only between the hours of 4:00 P.M. and 8:00 P.M.
  3. Card playing is restricted to the recreation room and basement lounge.  It is not allowed in the main floor lounge.
  4. The basement lounge is the place to go and relax.  Here you will find the piano, card tables, and television set.  This room is for men only except on special occasions.
  5. You know about the unpopularity of people who do their laundry in the bathroom, so you will join the laundresses in the basement when the wash must be done.
  6. Dating is, of course, an important part of college life.  You are permitted to date every night, but weekdays are usually confined to informal coffee, coke, and study dates.
  7. Hair may be worn in pin curls covered with a scarf in Norton every day only if it looks neat.  Slacks, bermudas and peddle pushers are allowed in Norton on Sundays if they look neat.
  8. When answering the telephone, if already in PJ’s, put on a coat and shoes; and if hair is set, wear a scarf.
  9. Decorating your room is fun and gives you an opportunity to use your ingenuity.  All the rooms are painted in pastel colors — pale blue, orchid, light green, and maize.
  10. Residents are to have beds made and rooms in presentable order by noon of each day.

Source: Life in a Dorm, circa 1955.  Catalogs and Handbooks, 3/0/00-7, Box 1.

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