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Items on Course Reserve may not display in Internet Explorer 9 or Firefox 14. If your students are loading a gray screen instead of a PDF this is likely the issue. Encourage them to use a different web browser. A warning concerning this problem appears on the Copyright Information page that loads after a link is clicked.

Cambridge University Publishing vs. Becker, the Georgia State Case, continues to work it’s way through the court of Appeals. Oral arguments have been scheduled for November 19th. Hopefully a decision will be handed down by the end of the Spring semester.

It is the policy of the Course Reserve office to link to a vendor copy of material whenever possible. This policy helps keep us on the right side of copyright law, vendors can experience failures. If you or your students attempt to access a Course Reserve item and get a notice from the vendor please email Course Reserve staff immediately with the name of the vender, the title of the item, and the course it was linked to. Most failures of this type can be fixed quickly, but only if library staff knows about them.

The Course Reserve office in the Silverman Library will be closed from 9/18/2013 through 9/23/2013. All orders will be processed when it reopens. If you are experiencing an emergency notify the Circulation Desk in the Silverman Library and they will contact the appropriate staff member.

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