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Open Access Week at UB

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International Open Access Week October 18-24The University Libraries will be celebrating Open Access Week, October 18-24, 2010, with a series of presentations that can help you better understand how open access is impacting the scholarly communication landscape.

Monday, October 18, 10 – 11:30am
Current Status of Open Access

Bob Schatz, BioMed Central
Location: Abbott Hall, Room B-15
South Campus

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Bob Schatz from prominent open access publisher, BioMed Central, will kick off Open Access Week @ UB with an overview of how open access is impacting the scholarly communication landscape.


Tuesday, October 19, 3:30 – 5pm
Open Access eBooks: Their Paths to Freedom

Charles D’Aniello, UB Libraries
Location: 212 Capen Hall
North Campus

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Electronic Book (eBook) publishing is rapidly evolving and this session will highlight past, current, and planned initiatives – including open access publishing – which will make eBooks more accessible. Google Books and a diversity of digital eBook efforts promise great benefit for the public good, but many intertwined issues remain: their financial sustainability, the role of copyright law, permanence in the online environment, and control of access.


Wednesday, October 20, 3 – 4:30pm
Open Access Journals: Editors’ Perspectives

Panel discussion with Four OA Journal Editors
Location: 435 Capen Hall
North Campus

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Four open access journal editors will describe their experiences starting, running, and editing open access journals. Speakers are: Christopher Hollister, editor of Communications in Information Literacy; Pamela Jones, editor of the Journal of Library Innovation; and Cayden Mak and Olivier Delrieu-Schulze, editors of a.version.


Thursday, October 21, 10am – Noon
Tenure Metrics in an Open Access World

Dean Hendrix, UB Libraries
Location: Abbott Hall, Room B-15
South Campus

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The UB Libraries subscribe to dozens of individual resources that list publications from talented UB faculty and researchers. Collectively, these resources provide a compelling look at your publications, and may be of value when assembling materials for promotion and tenure consideration. This one and a half hour workshop will give you insight into tools such as Web of Science, Google Scholar, and the Journal Citation Reports, so that you can better understand the contribution your research has made to the scientific literature.


Friday, October 22, 1- 2:30pm
Critical Mass is Critical: A View Into the Changing World of Scholarly Communications

Gregg Gordon, CEO & President, Social Science Research Network (SSRN)
Location: Special Collections Research Room, 4th Floor Capen Hall
North Campus

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Using data from the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) and other sources, this presentation will provide a brief history of how scholarly communications have changed in recent years and outline an approach for using online communities to produce innovative results.

Scholarly online communities are creating new and sustainable models for producing, sharing, and maintaining your scholarly output. These communities, using an interdisciplinary approach, can encourage innovative research by other scholars and are critical to providing the broadest spectrum of scholarly output to the greatest number of users. As the amount of scholarly research increases each year, simply providing access to epic amounts of content is not enough – online communities also need to increase the efficient use of information. This session will describe some of the user-focused tools, such as article level metrics, that online scholarly communities offer to empower scholars to be more efficient and effective in their research activities.

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