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University Libraries Proposed Cancellations

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The University Libraries have identified the following subscriptions (journals, serials, databases) for potential cancellation, effective January 2016:

List of Cancellations (HTML)

These cancellations are made necessary by the rising costs of scholarly information (journals, books, and databases) and by the need to cull lesser-used materials in order to buy new items that are in high demand.

Some full-text content will still be available, however, via third-party (database) providers. Please see our list of electronic journals to check the availability of any particular title.

We are also confident that our Delivery+ program and purchase-on-demand operations will allow us to provide material quickly when you need something we do not own.

The University Libraries uses a variety of factors to identify cancellations, including use, cost and impact.

We welcome your feedback. To ensure that your feedback is factored into decision-making, please email me directly using the address below by May 8, 2015.

On behalf of the University Libraries, I would like to thank you for your continuing support and understanding.

H. Austin Booth
Vice Provost for University Libraries

Law Library Scholarship Salon with Samantha Barbas

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Law Library Scholarship Salon with Samantha BarbasPlease join the Law Library on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 from 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m., for its first Scholarship Salon. This flagship event will feature SUNY Buffalo Law Associate Professor Samantha Barbas who will be discussing her upcoming book, The Laws of Image. This free event will take place in the 2nd Floor Reading Room of the Charles B. Sears Law Library at the University at Buffalo (North Campus) and is open to all.

From the publisher, Stanford University Press:

Americans have long been obsessed with their images—their looks, public personas, and the impressions they make. This preoccupation has left its mark on the law. The twentieth century saw the creation of laws that protect your right to control your public image, to defend your image, and to feel good about your image and public presentation of self. These include the legal actions for invasion of privacy, libel, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. With these laws came the phenomenon of “personal image litigation”—individuals suing to vindicate their image rights.

The Laws of Image tells the story of how Americans came to use the law to protect and manage their images, feelings, and reputations. In this social, cultural, and legal history, Samantha Barbas ties the development of personal image law to the self-consciousness and image-consciousness that has become endemic in our media-saturated culture of celebrity and consumerism, where people see their identities as intertwined with their public images. The laws of image are the expression of a people who have become so publicity-conscious and self-focused that they believe they have a right to control their images, to manage and spin them like actors, politicians, and rock stars.

Open Mic: What Am I Doing in Your Classroom?

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DC-AprilPlan to join us on Wednesday, April 1 for Open Mic: What Am I Doing in Your Classroom? Students Tell Their Tech Stories, a look at how students are integrating their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices into their educational lives. This event is part of the Digital Challenges Series, sponsored by the UB Libraries and UB Information Technology, and co-sponsored by the Center for Educational Innovation and Student Life.

The program will take place in 145 Student Union from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 1. UB associate professor Valerie Nesset will set the tone with a keynote address focusing on the ways in which students are adopting and adapting technology to address their learning and research needs.  During the open mic session, students will share their personal tech stories in brief, informal presentations that will focus on using mobile technologies to improve the classroom experience.

To learn more and view the full schedule, please visit

While not required, registration through the website is recommended.

Hope to see you there!

The Human Genome: UB Libraries Celebrate BPS Science Week 2015

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STEMPhoto2Curious about DNA? Want to learn more about the human genome? Buffalo Public Schools Science Week 2015 celebrates the genome and the University at Buffalo Libraries and the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library have books for you!

Have a Nice DNA, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, The Borealis Genome and many more genome and science books for children, young adults and teachers are now available.

Librarians from the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library worked with experts from SUNY Buffalo State, UB, SUNY, the City of Buffalo and the Buffalo Public Schools to select the books and ensure their availability. The UB Libraries are proud to partner with them in support of STEM literacy by making these books available in the UB Libraries for UB students, faculty and staff:

  •  Genome & Science Books for Children & Young Adults: BPS Science Week 2015 – Guide, Pinterest
  • Genome & Science Books for Teachers: BPS Science Week 2015 – Guide, Pinterest

The UB Libraries also support the Read Aloud initiative encouraging parents to spend 15 minutes each day reading to their children – use the books above to get started. The UB Libraries offer many more resources 24/7 for your reading and research needs – see our website or contact us to learn more. Learn more about the science of life today at your library!

EndNote Workshops

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endx7_logoNew to EndNote?  The Libraries are offering free workshops tailored for those who have never used EndNote before and would like an introduction to this powerful piece of computer software.

Learn how to download the EndNote software, organize your references, images and PDFs, and how to instantly move references from EndNote into your Microsoft Word documents in virtually any citation style.

Check out our complete list of workshop dates and times, and register for an EndNote workshop today!